• History
  • Spearheaded by Chef Theo Smith, Great House Caterers was launched in August 2011, in Kingston, Jamaica with the aim of providing clients with culinary experiences that would break the status quo through their personalized approach, their specialization in Italian, French & Jamaican fusion cuisines, and their focus on live & interactive food stations. Since then, Great House Caterers has evolved to add open bar services, as well as dinnerware rentals, as a way of ensuring their clients enjoy a hassle-free experience at their catered event. 

  • Vision
  • To provide an unforgettable culinary experience that inspires our guests to celebrate life’s memorable moments.

  • Mission
  • To provide our Team & Partners with an environment that encourages Growth & Innovation, so they can; Provide our Customers with Hassle-Free, Professional & Memorable Catering Experiences, that will; Sustain the Growth, Development & Profitability of the company.

    Our Experience Chefs

    Chef Theo & the Great House Caterers team have gained a reputation for providing their clients with an unforgettable and unmatched catering experience that has been evolving.

    Providing delectable, creative, and customizable catering menus and packages to our clients is always our priority. With full-service catering in mind, we have elegant dinnerware items available for rental for your special events.

    Personalized Service

    GHC was conceptualized around this very principle, providing our clients with customizable products and services, whether it be a fully gluten-free menu or a themed event.

    Delectable Food

    Our focus is on western cuisines, infused with Jamaican flavours. By focusing on these cuisines, we can consistently provide delectable menu items, each and every time.

    Premium Quality

    We're all about providing our clients with premium quality in everything we do, from the ingredients we use to the service we provide, and everything in between.

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